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6-9 February 2024
London ExCeL


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  1. 30 mins

    Martin Calvert brings you right up to date on the state of the igaming search landscape on the world’s dominant search engine. Expect a punchy and provocative 30 minutes during which Martin will explore the following:

    • Intro to ‘best practice’ – the dilemma when Google doesn’t back up what it says

    • Does Google dislike SEO? From radio silence to lip service

    • YMYL, EAT and gambling sites

    • 2022 algo updates – what is Google policing and where best practice can help

    • Where ‘best practice’ fails/is silent – off-site, links and opportunistic SEO

    • Is SEO ‘best practice’ a moral topic?

    • Black hat in 2022/3 – where diverging from best practice is harmful/high risk

    • Plotting a middle ground – focusing on what works and sustainable success in igaming

  1. 30 mins

    Their demise as a ranking signal has been predicted for years as Google has moved against spammy and low-quality links. But the fact is that search engines still love backlinks, which can still greatly help to grow search engine traffic and also cause a website to drop from the SERP in an instant. Former senior Search Googler Kaspar Szymanski explains:

    • Where the backlink risks lie in 2023 and how to detect them

    • How to deal with backlink liabilities

    • How to build backlinks safely to improve SEO signals

  1. 15 mins
  1. 40 mins

    The harsh reality for every SEO expert working in igaming today is that no matter how hard you work on optimising your website to rank high in the SERP, Google can suddenly change the rules of the game and your hard-won position can disappear overnight.

    This workshop will explore how best to protect your website against these disruptions and set out strategies to ensure your website continues to rank! Join our expert panellists to learn about:

    • The latest December Google updates and E-E-A-T and how these impacted the SERP landscape across various markets
    • How to incorporate learnings from these updates into your SEO strategy to avoid further drops
    • How operators emerged in better shape than affiliates from recent Google updates and how this is reshaping the operator-affiliate relationship
  1. 30 mins
    Scott Longley draws upon a year of insights from iGBAffiliate.com’s quarterly reporting on the performance of the big listed affiliates to identify the headline trends and strategies driving the scale end of the sector. From the winners - and the losers - of the past 12 months to the direction of travel on NDCs, geos and paid vs. SEO, Longley unpacks these and more to identify what they tell us about the direction of travel for the igaming affiliate sector as a whole.
  1. 60 mins
  1. 30 mins

    Join Jai Maw from the sector’s leading live activation affiliate, Betting Hero, as he draws on data-driven insights from its unique research division to explore how the US consumer’s journey to register, fund, and bet is impacting sportsbook and igaming stakeholders’ ability to acquire, retain, and develop high-value customers. Expect proprietary insights and findings from over three million customer interactions and in-depth consumer studies. 

  1. 30 mins

    Longstanding affiliate Riaan de Jager digs deep into the data from his DeepCi.com affiliate intelligence platform to challenge some of the deeply entrenched misconceptions around affiliate marketing that are holding your business from reaching its full revenue and potential. He delves into some common mistakes that affiliate managers make, including:  

    • Poor communication and a lack of clarity around objectives (“We want more traffic”) 

    • Displaying poor insight into the affiliate’s traffic profile  

    • Overlooking the low-hanging fruit within your VIP affiliate bases  

    • No clear strategy for converting more affiliates into your VIP stream

  1. 30 mins

    In this Lee-Ann Johnstone masterclass you will learn the top five most effective steps you can take to support your programme growth in the challenging year ahead. With the onset of cookie deprecation, stronger regulation and a global recession – set to be the longest-ever in core markets such as the UK – impacting the cost of everything, now is the time to get strategic on planning your way through these challenging times. In just 30 minutes, affiliate managers with budget and portfolio responsibilities will learn the most impactful actions they can take now to accelerate their programme performance and leave with an easy-to-apply blueprint of how to build momentum in the weeks and months ahead.

  1. 40 mins

    While widespread prohibitions put much of Asia strictly off limits to many operators that affiliates have historically worked with, there are signs in several countries that their governments want to encourage the igaming sector to grow in a regulated and visible fashion that affords local player protections. And while the risks for operators remain in booming markets such as Japan, the opportunities are becoming increasingly hard to ignore for affiliates facing toughening conditions in saturated European territories. This panel will explore emerging market opportunities in Asia through the lens of affiliates with a particular focus on India and Japan, including:

    • Insights and tips for entering, localising and optimising for these markets

    • The player preferences and habits governments should be heeding to ensure optimal regulatory outcomes

  1. 40 mins

    Influencer marketing has enabled brands to connect with online communities previously beyond their reach. However, concerns over the scale of this reach and problem gambling are changing the rules of engagement for igaming brands and casino streamers, from Twitch’s ban on streaming of sites which don’t hold licences in the US or in jurisdictions with enough player protections to the UK’s restrictions on using influencers of particular appeal to under-18s. Join this panel to learn from stakeholders on how they are adapting and how they see platform and compliance pressures continuing to reshape the influencer space in 2023.

  1. 30 mins

    Gambling content is understandably subject to stringent restrictions on TikTok, but if done right, its unique algorithm makes it worthy of the attention of affiliates of all sizes. Sharon McFarlane navigates you through the challenges, opportunities and as well as what’s new on TikTok, including: 

    • Overview of restrictions and policies including affiliate link ban 

    • Keeping content compliant and safe

    • How the channel forces innovation by affiliates 

    • How the algorithm works 

    • Creator tools and functionality 

    • Incorporation of conventional social media strategies such as brand ambassadors and influencers

  1. 15 mins
  1. 30 mins

    With so many tools out there these days it’s becoming increasingly obvious in the SERPs which SEOs are using them, with everyone challenging for the same keywords, using the same word counts and  embedding the same synonyms. But there are routes to success which don’t have to end with green ticks from an expensive SEO tool. Seasoned SEO Martin McGarry takes you back to the basics and shows you how to get your hands dirty with your own data to re-optimise and refine your pages and make them grow. In short, the tactics he’s been using for well over 15 years of SEO success.

  1. 60 mins
  1. 40 mins

    The big listed affiliates’ strategic prioritisation of the US has also seen their activities come to dominate coverage and commentary on the market, many of which are not particularly relevant to the long tail of smaller independents looking to enter and build material businesses in each regulated state. Join this panel to learn firsthand from the experiences of startups currently in the early stages of market entry through to those that made it all the way to exit, including:

    • Funding vs. bootstrapping

    • Main obstacles to launching and scaling and how to tackle these

    • Adapting to a toughening financial and economic backdrop

    • Exit strategies

  1. 40 mins

    SEO is very different for affiliates than it is for operators, yet the strong presence of operators in the SERPs is forcing affiliates to change how they are doing their SEO. Affiliates also have to deal with the constant threat of Google updates. Join this panel to tap into our panellists’ many years of knowledge and experience in the affiliate marketing space to learn:

    • How to navigate the ever-changing SERP landscape
    • How to deal with the recent Google updates which favoured operators (E-A-T moving Trust front and centre)
    • How to mitigate the impact of increasingly popular brand protection tactics used by operators
    • What the future holds for affiliates and what changes must be implemented to reclaim the SERP space
  1. 30 mins

    The beginning of the end for coders, writers and Google or simply another overhyped tool that underlines the need for human judgement, intervention and accountability to manage its shortcomings and bias? Arguments over the impact of ChatGPT on the affiliate marketing sector have become increasingly polarised as more people have asked questions of the generative AI bot since its launch at the tail-end of November. Join this H2H debate to find out where you stand and learn more about the potential issues and applications for this disruptive tech.

  1. 40 mins

    While regulated sports betting in Brazil is back in a holding pattern after the outgoing president failed to approve regulations in time, the regulatory juggernaut continues apace across the region while opportunities for affiliates continue to boom in grey and soon-to-regulate territories. Every country market however has key differences requiring a localised strategy for entry and optimisation. So join those with the on-the-ground knowledge to get the lowdown on what every affiliate needs to get right – and avoid – in order to be successful in every territory they target.

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