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6-9 February 2024
London ExCeL



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The year in Google SEO

09 Feb 2023

Martin Calvert brings you right up to date on the state of the igaming search landscape on the world’s dominant search engine. Expect a punchy and provocative 30 minutes during which Martin will explore the following:

  • Intro to ‘best practice’ – the dilemma when Google doesn’t back up what it says

  • Does Google dislike SEO? From radio silence to lip service

  • YMYL, EAT and gambling sites

  • 2022 algo updates – what is Google policing and where best practice can help

  • Where ‘best practice’ fails/is silent – off-site, links and opportunistic SEO

  • Is SEO ‘best practice’ a moral topic?

  • Black hat in 2022/3 – where diverging from best practice is harmful/high risk

  • Plotting a middle ground – focusing on what works and sustainable success in igaming

Martin Calvert, Marketing director - ICS-digital LLP