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6-9 February 2024
London ExCeL



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Emerging markets focus: Asia

09 Feb 2023

While widespread prohibitions put much of Asia strictly off limits to many operators that affiliates have historically worked with, there are signs in several countries that their governments want to encourage the igaming sector to grow in a regulated and visible fashion that affords local player protections. And while the risks for operators remain in booming markets such as Japan, the opportunities are becoming increasingly hard to ignore for affiliates facing toughening conditions in saturated European territories. This panel will explore emerging market opportunities in Asia through the lens of affiliates with a particular focus on India and Japan, including:

  • Insights and tips for entering, localising and optimising for these markets

  • The player preferences and habits governments should be heeding to ensure optimal regulatory outcomes

Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant - 1710 Gaming
Yoshihiro Takeyama, Project Manager - FTD Digital
Sachiko West, iGaming Product Specialist - Japan Market - Growth Leads
Deepanshul Rana, iGaming Consultant