Location and dates

ExCel London

6-9 FEBRUARY 2024

iGB Affiliate London Conference

iGB Affiliate London Conference

  1. Igaming brands only have a few seconds to grab the attention of users scrolling through social feeds. So how they present what is often similar information to their competitors can make all the difference when it comes to engaging and driving traffic. This session will provide actionable insights and case studies on how to optimise branding and design for social success.
  2. In 2022 the most ambitious operators and affiliates will be looking to diversify their marketing operation and ensure they’re active – and effective - in the markets that matter.
  3. Having delivered over 250,000 new depositing customers to sports betting and igaming operators via in-person activation events since 2018, nobody knows the US consumer better than Betting Hero. During this exclusive presentation, the company's President, Jai Maw, will be discussing the key characteristics and behaviours of US consumers, illustrating why the fight for market share and customer retention continues as new states come online.
  4. Lunch
  5. Join ex-Google engineer Fili to learn how to avoid SEO on-page pitfalls, optimise your affiliate website for indexing and make search bots crawl your affiliate website efficiently. This session will have highly actionable SEO tips for all levels of experience. Having worked on Google Search, Fili is the go-to guy when it comes to technical SEO.

  6. While hardly new, the metaverse acquired ‘next big thing’ status last year with Facebook rebranding as Meta and the likes of Entain investing up to £100m in developing immersive tech for these simulated digital environments. NFTs also emerged as the irrefutable proof of digital ownership set to power the metaverse economy. This panel will look to cut through the hype and explore the applications and potential for igaming and affiliates.
  7. Networking break
  8. Sports betting's popularity has skyrocketed as states have slowly opened their doors. Now, as mobile betting continues to see an increase in demand, operators and affiliates need to be aware of both the opportunities and challenges they face as they prepare to market to multiple states following guidelines and regulatory requirements across regional borders. In this session, we outline strategies to ensure the success of your efforts on a state-by-state basis.
  9. A new set of best practice standards developed by the industry for the industry has the potential to optimise business opportunities, reduce costs, improve transparency and build trust between affiliates and operators. Hear from representatives of the affiliate companies behind the standard, the affiliate software providers that helped create it and an operator which supports it.
  10. Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies and Apple’s recent iOS 14.5 privacy policy update will usher the sector into a new era of permission-based digital marketing where users must give consent to be tracked across different sites, devices and browsers. Our experts will provide essential advice to affiliates and their operator partners aimed at ensuring acquisition and retention efforts are not hampered as they transition to a first party data-first approach.
  11. A flurry of corporate activity and state openings continue to accelerate a US space projected to drive a 200% growth in addressable revenues for affiliates in North America over the next five years, according to iGB’s principal partner H2 Gambling Capital. Hear from those leading US-facing affiliate businesses of various scales, models and maturity on:

    • How M&A and consolidation is impacting the competitive landscape
    • What every affiliate needs to understand about the market before entering
    • What the pull-back in sportsbook marketing spend means for affiliates
  12. How can your brand take advantage of increased sports betting traffic from major events like the 2022 Fifa World Cup? Receptional's Managing Director, Justin Deaville, will explore the SEO opportunity, looking at how much traffic is available, what we can learn from previous events and how you can make the most of your budget. He will also suggest an approach for capitalising on the flurry of interest around this key sporting event.