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Session Recordings from iGB Live Online 2020

Neil Patel - Google Wars: Simple Hacks That'll Help You Win




With over 200 factors in Google's algorithm, how do you win? How do you stay on top? Neil Patel is going to gve you 6 hacks that will help give you an edge on your competitors, especially if you are in a competitive vertial like gambling.

Neil Patel, co-founder of NP Digital and Ubersuggest


Izzi Smith - Advanced GSC Search Performance Analysis

Advanced GSC Search Performance Analysis: How to Spot Patterns for Actionable Insights that Reap Results Google Search Console gives us tons of insights into real organic search performance but what is found on the surface is either ambiguous or too time-consuming to dig into for really actionable learnings. To help fix that, Izzi’s talk takes a deep-dive into how to better interpret GSC data and how to identify specific patterns and behaviours that will speed up future analyses.

Izzi Smith, Technical SEO, Ryte


Julia Logan - Lost & Found: Understanding Your Links and Recovering Your Site's Lost Links

  • When are your lost links truly lost?
  • How to interpret your link profile
  • Do all your live links have the same value? rel=“sponsored”, rel=“ugc” and Google’s new “links as hints” approach
  • The best tools for monitoring your existing links - why Google's Search Console isn't enough
  • Bringing dead links back to life to protect your ranking

Julia Logan, SEO Consultant, Irish Wonder


Martin Calvert - The Definition of Quality-driven SEO in iGaming

  • (Mostly) everyone knows the type of SEO tactics that are being clamped down on by Google with its focus on quality - but what does quality SEO really mean in 2020?
  • Onsite content and optimisation - from building expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) with content, to Google's announcement of Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor - how to prepare?
  • Offsite SEO, link building and earning links with digital PR - which methodologies work, and why are high-quality methodologies NOT out of reach/budget for ambitious affiliates.

Martin Calvert, Marketing Director, ICS digital LLP



  • The Lottery Office


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