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8-11 February 2023
London ExCeL

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  • NFT’s, Crypto and the US market will be the ‘hot topics’ at iGB Affiliate London iGamingXL, Director, Claire Wellard,, who attended her first affiliate expo the Casino Affiliate Program in 2007, has w ...
  • Who is Corey Padveen? Corey works as a Partner at t2 Marketing International and has an extensive background in econometrics and statistics.He is also the author of Marketing to Millennial For Dummies ...
  • Who is Martin Calvert? Martin Calvert is Marketing Director at ICS-digital and its sister agency ICS-translate. Both agencies specialise in serving the iGaming industry, but also work at global scale ...
  • When I first saw the topic “Write about the day of an affiliate'', my first thought was “well, it is boring and I just sit by the computer and write”. That is one way to describe this job. However, if ...
  • Carlo and Michael founded their affiliate company in London back in 2010, they started by targeting the Italian market and now after 12 years the company targets 50 markets across the world.
  • Sebastian Erfurth from Casino Online shares how he decided to try his hand at SEO for online casinos. This is his Day in the Life of an Affiliate
  • Will Armitage co-founder of BestOdds.com and angel investor lets us know what his day looks like as an affiliate.
  • Toni Westerholm the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Good Luck Media tells us about his 24 hours as an igaming affiliate in Malta.
  • My name is Adam and I run the Gamblineers crypto affiliate website. Adam lets us know why there’s nothing better than satisfaction after a good day in the life of an affiliate.
  • I am the owner and CEO of Apps4 web media LTD, a UK based iGaming affiliate company. I have been involved in igaming since early 2012 and absolutely love the industry.
  • Georgios Sotiriou is the owner of Greece in a Card. He is trialing AI integration into his business model! This is his Day in the Life of an Affiliate
  • Nemanja Lazarevic has worked in the igaming industry since 2008, he owns the company Teamwork. Get a snapshot of a Day in the Life of an Affiliate in Serbia!
  • Eduardo has worked in the betting industry since 2004. After a few years of learning, he started his own company. Eduardo gives us a glimpse into his life as igaming affiliate living in Spain.
  • Roberto Primi graduated in Biotechnology, he found affiliate casino marketing by chance, he is motivated by trying to find work "outside the box". This is his Day in the Life of an Affiliate!
  • Sue Dawson is Head of Content at FTD Digital. She is an industry expert that has been writing about (and playing) online bingo and slots since 2013. This is her Day in the Life of an Affiliate!
  • Enrico Kierakowitz gives iGB Affiliate London an insight into his day as an affiliate. He shares some gaming opportunities for 2022 and beyond!
  • Nina Sparv, casino affiliate focusing on SEO, tells her Day in the Life of an Affiliate from her hub in Andorra!
  • Dušan Mihajlović works on SEO campaigns for Better Collective for the sport and casino igaming sectors. This is his Day in the Life of an Affiliate!
  • Heiko Wulf, Executive Partner for the igaming poker sector, show's us his 24 hours as an igaming affiliate in Germany!
  • Matthew White, sports betting affiliate, let's us know what his day looks like as an affiliate.

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